Zodiac Gnomes

Westward from Samyat Yantra there are 12 smaller gnomes about 2-3 metres high that are pointing at different directions. They are used to determining ekliptical coordinates. Their ramps are not orientated to the Celestial Pole but to the Ecliptic Pole. The quadrants lie in the plane of the ecliptic. Because the Ecliptic Pole appears to rotate around the Celestial Pole the ramp can only be oriented to the Ecliptic Pole for one fixed date. Each of the 12 gnomes points towards the position of the Ecliptic Pole at the beginning of a zodiac sign. With these 12 points of measurement interpolation for any other day is possible.

zodiac gnomes

In front some of the 12 gnomes orientated to the zodiac.
In the background a detailed view of the sundial's scale made of lead inlays in marble.