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ekliptisches MessgerätUnfortunately there is only a few that has been written about this uniquely integrating work of art, science and religion, though it is used to be mentioned in special literature as extraordinary. Maybe there is no real interest in pointing out Jantar Mantar's consequences.

After all the claim to scientifc omnipotence of the enlighted modern times is seriously relativated by Jai Singh's religious-scientific intention. Most of the devices of the Jantar Mantar are limited to the means of a highly developed Stone Age culture. They might as well have stood in Egypt, in South America or in Stonehenge.

Addendum: For a couple of years a very comprehensive publication "Stone Observatories of India" by Andreas Volwahsen (Prestel Verlag) is available. Though from my point of view the technical-scientific aspect of Jantar Mantar is overweighted against the still living magical-mystical cultural meaning the book of right ranks as standard publication and is highly recommended to anyone interested.

The southern side of the equatorial double sundial.